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Extracting Video and Audio Elements of Any QuickTime Movie for Your Digital Lifestyle Projects 192 Rolling Your Own QuickTime Source Movies One of the best places to find great QuickTime content that you can reuse is from your own projects. For example, you can export any iMovie project as a QuickTime movie and "slice" content from it. As an example of how this can be done, suppose that you have some interesting footage of aircraft taking off and landing at a local airport. You think some of this material has some video and sound that you might like to use elsewhere so you want to create a QuickTime source movie from it. NOTE If you don't know your way around iMovie yet (you must not have been following along!), check out Chapter 4, "iMovie: the Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software," for an iMovie primer. Create a QuickTime Source Clip from Your Own Video Source 1. Fire up iMovie and create a new project; name your project so that you will be able to tell what the QuickTime content is without actually viewing it. (In this example, I used the oh-so-clever title, "Plane Footage.") Connect your digital camcorder to your Mac. You should see the Camera Connected message in the Monitor. Use iMovie's controls to move to the point at which you want to start capturing footage. Click the Import button (or press the Spacebar). iMovie will capture the footage and place it on the Shelf; by default, iMovie will break the footage into clips based on the start and stop points in the tape. When you are done, click the Import button again (or press the Spacebar). 2. 3. 4. 5.