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Recording Your Own Sounds > Record Narration or Other Sounds for a Movie - Pg. 132

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software Recording from Audio CD 132 Should you not want to use iTunes to convert music into MP3 for some reason (perhaps you don't want to listen to the music outside of your iMovie project), you can record directly from an audio CD. Add Music from an Audio CD to a Movie 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open the Audio palette. Insert an audio CD into your Mac's CD or DVD drive. Use the Play, Rewind, and Fast Forward controls on the Audio palette to find the song that you want to use in your movie. Now move the Playhead to the point in your movie at which you want the music to begin. You don't have to be terribly precise here because you can always move the music around on the audio track later. Use the CD playback controls on the Audio palette to get the music to a point just before you want to start recording. You can jump to a specific track on a CD by clicking it on the Audio palette. Click the Play button and start recording by clicking the Record Music button. Your movie begins to play as the music is recorded. You see the purple music clip being laid down in the Audio 2 track. Note that you won't hear the other sounds in your movie while you are recording from a CD. When you are done recording, click Stop. The Audio CD track will be imported into your movie. TIP 6. 7.