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Recording from a DV Camera to VHS > Transfer a Project from a DV Camera to VHS - Pg. 288

Exporting Your Projects to Videotape Record an iMovie Project on a DV Camera 1. 2. 3. 4. 288 Put a tape on which you want to record in your DV camera. Connect your DV camera to your Mac's FireWire port, turn the camera on, and put it in the "VCR" mode (often called VTR). In iMovie, choose File, Export Movie (or press +E). In the Export Movie dialog, choose To Camera on the Export pop-up menu (see Figure 16.1). Figure 16.1. Exporting an iMovie project to videotape really is as simple as this dialog makes it appear. 5. 6. If your camera takes longer than 5 seconds to get ready to record (it probably doesn't), increase the value in the "Wait..." box. Input the amount of black screen before your project starts playing in the "Add __ seconds of black before movie" box. The default value is one second, but you might want to have more