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Putting Your iTunes Music on the Move > Burning Your Own CDs - Pg. 49

iTunes: Burning Down the House 49 · You can edit playlist names by clicking on them and waiting for a second or so until the name becomes highlighted. When it is highlighted, you can change the name. · You can delete songs from a playlist by selecting the playlist as the source, selecting the songs that you want to delete, and pressing Delete. You will see a warning dialog; click Yes to remove the song from the playlist. The song is not deleted from the Library nor is the source MP3 file affected, so you can always add it to this or other playlists again. · To add more songs to the playlist, select them in the Library's Content pane and drag them to the playlist. · You can delete a playlist by selecting it and pressing Delete. Removing Songs from the Library If there are songs that you are sure that you will never want to use, you can delete them from your Library (if you just don't want to hear them, uncheck their checkboxes instead). When you delete songs from your Library, the original MP3 files are also deleted and will no longer be available (you'll have to import them again). Remove Songs from the Library 1. 2. 3. Select the songs that you want to delete. Press Delete. You will see a warning dialog, just like when you delete a song from a playlist. Click Yes. You'll see a second warning dialog explaining that some of the songs you selected are stored in your Music Library folder--meaning that they are MP3 files you have encoded. Click Yes. The song will be removed from the Library and the related source file will be 4.