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Previewing and Fixing a DVD > Ensure That All Media for an iDVD Project Is Avai... - Pg. 159

iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac 159 Preview a DVD 1. 2. Turn the motion effects on by clicking the Motion button (if they aren't on already). Click the Preview button. The drawer will close, and you will see a DVD controller (see Figure 5.21). Use the controller's buttons to view the DVD. Most of the controls you see (Stop, Pause, Volume, and so on) are self-explanatory. Use the arrow buttons to select various buttons on a menu; use the enter button to choose a button that you want to view. If the button is a movie or a slideshow, that item will play in the iDVD window. If the button is a submenu, that submenu will open.