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Preparing QuickTime Movies for the Web > Prepare a QuickTime Movie for the Web - Pg. 312

Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 312 Figure 19.2. A movie exported with these settings would be appropriate only for someone with a high-speed connection to the Internet (although the movie will stream, note how large the image size is). Preparing iPhoto Images for the Web There are two ways to provide your iPhoto images on your iTools Web site: as individual files or as photo albums. Preparing Individual iPhoto Images for the Web To prepare images for the Web, you need only to decide the resolution at which you want to provide the images. The trade-off remains the same; higher resolution images require larger file sizes and more time for people to view. However, image file sizes generally won't be huge even if you export them at a relatively large size. To prepare your iPhoto images for the Web site, simply export them from iPhoto at the resolution