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Preparing QuickTime Content for a CD > Making a Movie Self-Contained - Pg. 293

Putting Your Projects on CD 293 Preparing Digital Lifestyle Projects for a CD There are lots of projects that you might choose to put on a CD; the ones you'll learn about in this section are the following: · QuickTime movies · iPhoto images · iMovie projects Using iTunes to Burn a CD iTunes is the only digital lifestyle application that enables you to burn a CD directly. The most obvious use is to create your own CDs containing your favorite music. But as you learned in Chapter 14, " Creating Your Own Soundtrack CDs ," you can also place content from iMovie, such as a soundtrack, in iTunes and then burn that content onto a CD. Preparing QuickTime Content for a CD A CD is a great way to distribute QuickTime movies. Because QuickTime is a standard on both Macs and Windows PCs, just about anyone who has a computer can view QuickTime movies that you put on a CD. No matter where the QuickTime movie comes from, such as an iMovie project or a slideshow, you should prepare that movie by doing the tasks described in this section. Making a Movie Self-Contained As you learned in Chapter 4, a QuickTime movie's file can include all of the actual content used in the movie, or it can include pointers to the files that make up the movie. The ability to include ref- erences to other files within a movie instead of including the actual content enables QuickTime