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Preparing Projects for the Web > Preparing Images for Each Project Page - Pg. 314

Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 314 Figure 19.4. This movie has audio compression applied to it and will be pre pared for streaming from the iTools Web site I am creating. 11. Name the movie, choose a save location, and click Save. The movie will be prepared as you configured it and will be saved in the location you selected. The Exporting Movie progress window will show you when the process is complete. Preparing Files for Downloading from an FTP Page A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) page enables you to provide files so that people can download them to their computer (instead of viewing them from the Web pages). There are many uses for this, and you can provide any file for downloading by creating FTP pages on your iTools Web site. To prepare files for downloading, you can simply post the files as you have them, but you should compress those files so that the file size is as small as possible. You can also compress multiple files into a single compressed file so people can download all of them with a single click. The dominant compression scheme on the Mac is the .sit file format, which is created by Aladdin Systems' StuffIt utilities. You can learn more about these utilities by visiting You can also download trial versions of DropStuff or StuffIt Deluxe and use them for 30 days without charge. The details of compressing files are beyond the scope of this book, but after you have a compression application, it isn't hard to do. (For detailed information, see my book Special Edition Using Mac OS X.) Preparing Images for Each Project Page When you create a Web site, you can choose to create a Site Menu page that acts like that site's Home page. On this Site Menu page, you can include an image to represent each project's page. You store these images in the Pictures folder on your iDisk. To make the creation of your Site Menu page faster later, take the time to select or create an image to represent each project that you are going to place on your Web page. For example, capture a frame from an iMovie project to use on the Movie page for that movie, select an image from an album to use to preview that album's page, and so on. Place all of your preview images in a folder.