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Preparing iPhoto Images for CD > Exporting an iPhoto Web Site for CD - Pg. 295

Putting Your Projects on CD 295 Unless you know that the recipient has a need for separate image files, using the Web page option is usually the most convenient way to put the images on a CD. If the recipient will want separate image files, such as to print the photos you provide, use the export file method so that you can include high-resolution versions of your images on the CD. (Of course, assuming you have enough space on the CD, there isn't any reason you can't include both versions on the same CD.) Exporting Photos for CD Back in Chapter 3, " iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album ," you learned about the many ways you can export photos from iPhoto. One of these ways is to export photos as separate files; once out of iPhoto, you can put the images on CD. Export Images from iPhoto as Individual Files 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Launch iPhoto. Create an album to organize the photos that you want to export. Add the photos to the album that you created in Step 2. Select the album. Click the Share button. Click the Export button. In the Export Images dialog, click the File Export tab (see Figure 17.2).