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Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 310 If you haven't upgraded your iDisk storage space, I strongly suggest that you do so before you start building your Web site. While it is generous of Apple to provide 20MB of storage space at no cost to Mac users, that isn't sufficient to build much of a site if you intend to include QuickTime movies on it. Even a small, short QuickTime movie can be 3MB or more. It doesn't take many to fill up 20MB of iDisk space. See Chapter 6 for the details of upgrading your iDisk. Streaming Versus Downloading When creating content for your Web site, especially for QuickTime movies, the concept of streaming as compared to downloading is important. When a file is streamed, it can be viewed as it is downloaded to a computer. The benefit of this is that the viewer doesn't have to wait until the file has downloaded completely before being able to view it. When a file is meant to be downloaded, it must be downloaded to a computer before it can be viewed. For those people who enjoy a high-bandwidth connection to the Internet, such as a cable modem, viewing streamed content is almost instantaneous and, in the best case, is similar to viewing a television channel (click the link and immediately view the content). However, for people who use a low-bandwidth connection to the Internet, such as a 56K modem, streaming is not all that much better than downloading it. This is because the connection has such a limited data transfer rate that most of the file has to be downloaded before the playback process can start (in order to be able to view the entire file without pausing). If you believe that most of the people who will be visiting your site use slow connections, you might consider providing files that can be downloaded along with the streamed version. With a slower connection, waiting for a file to download can sometimes be less frustrating than waiting for a file to "stream" enough so that it can be viewed. One solution to the slow connection/low quality or fast connection/high quality tradeoff is to provide two versions of your project files on your Web site. One version can be a smaller, lower quality version for people who use a slow Internet connection. The other version can be a larger, higher quality version for those people who use a high-speed connection. This is a common practice on many Web sites, such as Apple's QuickTime Movie Trailer page. Most trailers are presented in various sizes for different connection speeds. Preparing iMovie Projects for the Web Preparing iMovie projects for the Web is similar to preparing them for other means of distribution. You use iMovie Export tools to export the movie in the QuickTime format, using settings that are appropriate for the delivery that you intend to use. Prepare an iMovie Project for the Web 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the iMovie project that you want to prepare for the Web. Choose File, Export Movie (or press +E). In the Export Movie dialog, choose To QuickTime on the Export popup menu. Select the appropriate format on the Formats pop-up menu, such as Streaming Web Movie, Small (see Figure 19.1). (See the following discussion for information on the formats you might choose to use).