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Putting Your Projects on CD 3. 294 In the Properties dialog, choose Movie on the left pop-up menu and choose Files on the right pop-up menu. In the resulting information window, you will see the files on which the movie depends (see Figure 17.1). If more than one file is listed, the movie has file dependencies. Figure 17.1. This movie depends on the two files listed in the information window (in this case, the soundtrack is a referenced file). 4. To prevent problems from these dependencies, save the movie as a selfcontained movie or make sure you put all of the files listed in the Properties window on the CD. Making a QuickTime Movie Play Automatically You can configure a QuickTime movie so that it plays automatically when the file is opened. This can be very useful if the person to whom you send the movie doesn't know how to use QuickTime Player, and it is a convenience for everyone else. Make a Movie Play Automatically When Opened 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the QuickTime movie that you are going to put on a CD. Choose Movie, Get Movie Properties (or press +J). In the Properties dialog, choose Movie on the left pop-up menu and choose Auto Play on the right pop-up menu. Check the "Auto Play Enabled" checkbox. Sometimes, the movie will start playing from the most recent position of the Playhead so move the Playhead to the beginning of the movie before you save it. Close the movie and save your changes. TIP 5. When the movie file is opened, it will play automatically. TIP When placing QuickTime movies on a CD, make sure that they always have the .mov file name extension. The tools you use to create them should add this extension by default, but you can remove it on the Mac, and the file will still open properly. Not so on the PC; if the file name extension is missing, the user will have to choose the appropriate viewing appli- cation. Preparing iPhoto Images for CD CDs are also a great way to distribute your photos. Using iPhoto, there are two ways to output your images for CD: you can export individual files and place those files on a CD, or you can create a photo Web site and put the Web site on a CD.