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Pasting Over a Clip > Paste Over a Clip - Pg. 123

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 2. 123 3. 4. Move to the viewer and use the Paste command twice so that you have the three clips in a row. The first clip should be the original while the next two should be the segment that will be re- played. Choose the middle clip (the first replay segment) and make it play in reverse. Use the Clip Speed slider to make this "rewind" really quickly. When you play this section of your movie, it will appear as if the clip is rewound at high speed before replaying, thus looking just like an instant replay. Creating a Freeze-Frame An interesting transition effect is to "freeze-frame" the last image in a clip before the transition to the next clip. Add a Freeze-Frame Effect 1. 2. 3. Select the clip that you want to freeze-frame. Move to the end of the clip on the Monitor. Choose Edit, Create Still Clip (or press Shift+ +S). A still image clip of the frame that was visible on the Monitor will be created on the Shelf. This clip is just like a still image clip that you imported into iMovie. Select the image clip you just created and enter its duration in the Time box at the top of the viewer (either one). Place the image clip at the end of the clip from which you created it. When you play this section 4. 5.