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Part III. Displaying Your Digital Master... > Chapter 19. Creating and Hosting a D... - Pg. 309

309 Chapter 19. Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools Creating a Web site for your digital lifestyle projects is a great way to share them with the world-- literally. Anyone who can access the Internet can access your Web site and view the fruits of your labor. Using Apple's iTools services, you can create a digital lifestyle Web site easily and inexpen- sively (for no cost if you limit yourself to 20MB of content or less). NOTE In this chapter, I have assumed that you have read Chapter 6, " iTools: Maybe the Only Internet Tool You Ever Need ," your iTools account is set up, you understand how to use your iDisk, and you are familiar with HomePage. If you haven't read Chapter 6, do so before continuing with this chapter. Preparing Projects for the Web