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Part II. Building Digital Lifestyle Proj... > Chapter 9. Moving Your Digital Media... - Pg. 207

207 Chapter 9. Moving Your Digital Media into and out of the Digital Lifestyle Applications If I had to choose one skill that I would like for you to take away from this book, this chapter has that skill set. When you finally understand how to move various types of digital media between the digital lifestyle applications, you can use those applications together to create amazing digital lifestyle projects. Being able to move your data across the applications enables you to use the right appli- cation for each kind of work that you do as you build your projects. One of the most amazing things about the digital lifestyle applications is that they share so many different types of data. If one application can't import the kind of file you need for a project, you can probably use one of the others to convert that file into a format that you can import where you need it. In this chapter, you will learn how to move the image, video, and audio files from which you build your digital lifestyle projects among the "big 4" digital lifestyle applications. NOTE