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Part II. Building Digital Lifestyle Proj... > Chapter 8. Extracting Video and Audi... - Pg. 191

191 Chapter 8. Extracting Video and Audio Elements of Any QuickTime Movie for Your Digital Lifestyle Projects As you learned in Part I of this book, QuickTime is the software technology that ties all of the other elements of the digital lifestyle together. In fact, QuickTime is a key enabler for all digital media applications on the Mac. One benefit to this is that every digital lifestyle application can "speak" QuickTime. This means that QuickTime is the great link between and bridge among the digital lifestyle applications. Because of this, you can move QuickTime elements among the various projects that you do. For example, you can extract sounds from a QuickTime movie and use those sounds in your other projects, such as in an iMovie project. Or you can capture video clips from QuickTime movies to create other QuickTime movies or for import into another application, such as iDVD.