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Part I. Exploring the Digital Lifestyle > Chapter 7. Digital Lifestyle Hardware... - Pg. 173

173 Chapter 7. Digital Lifestyle Hardware: Digital Rules, Analog Drools Digital hardware makes the digital lifestyle possible. From your trusty Mac to the latest and greatest digital camcorder, you will use many different hardware devices while creating your digital lifestyle projects. The purpose of this chapter is to give you a brief introduction to the major types of hardware that you might want or need to use at some point in your digital life. You'll also learn about some of the basic technologies with which you have to deal, such as USB, PCI, and lots of other TLA. NOTE While this chapter provides a good overview of digital lifestyle hardware, I don't pretend that it covers the details of each type of hardware discussed in it. That would require one or more books, let alone a single, short chapter. However, if you are unfamiliar with a specific kind of device, this chapter will help you understand enough to be able to decide which type of device is best for you. If you are hardware-savvy, you will probably only need to scan