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Part I. Exploring the Digital Lifestyle > Chapter 5. iDVD: The Power of a Movie... - Pg. 137

137 Chapter 5. iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac The Mac is the premiere digital media platform precisely because it has a set of "jaw-dropping, holy- cow-that-is-way-cool" applications that are ground-breaking in many ways. iDVD is another amazing application in that set. With iDVD, you can put your digital lifestyle projects on DVD for playback on your Mac or, even better, on most standard DVD players. This enables you to move your projects from the computer room to the living room. Since DVD players are almost as common as VCRs these days and most house-holds now have them, putting your great (and even not-so-great) projects on DVD is a fantastic way to share those projects with other people. What's more is that not only can you place your projects on DVD, but the DVDs you create can contain custom, motion menus and buttons, just like those that appear on commercially-produced DVD movie discs. You will be amazed at how cool your DVDs can be. What's more #2 is that using iDVD is mostly a matter of drag-and-drop so that you can create these amazing DVDs in just a few