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Organizing Your Images > Building and Using Albums - Pg. 76

iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album 76 Building and Using Albums Albums are the tool you use to create collections of images for specific purposes, such as to view specific images or to create slideshows, books, and other projects. You can create albums con- taining the images in which you are interested and then work with those images by selecting an album in the Source pane. NOTE If you have used iTunes' playlists, the concept of albums should be easy to grasp because playlists and albums are analogous. You can choose any criteria for the photos that you include in an album, and you can include any number of photos in any album that you create. Create an iPhoto Album and Add Images to It 1. 2. 3. 4. Click the New Album button located just below the Source pane, choose File, New Album, or press +N. You will see the New Album dialog. Name your album and click OK. The album that you create will appear in the Source pane. Find the images that you want to include in the new album; use the keyword searching tech- nique that you learned earlier to do so. Select the images that you want to include in the album (select multiple images by holding the key down) and drag them onto the new album in the Source pane. As you drag the images onto the album, a red circle containing a number will appear--the number is the number of images that you have selected (see Figure 3.16).