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Organizing Your DVD > Adding Content to the DVD - Pg. 147

iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac Add Submenus to the DVD 147 1. 2. 3. Double-click the submenu to which you want to add a submenu. The submenu will open, and you will see the default theme and menu title again. Use the previous steps to add the submenus. When you are done, click the Return button (curved arrow that faces to the left) to move back to the previous menu. Repeat these steps until you have added and named all of the submenus that will appear on your DVD. Now you have an organized DVD that is ready for you to add content. After you do so, you can apply themes and design the buttons. Adding Content to the DVD After you have organized the DVD, you will be ready to add your content to it. As you learned earlier, there are two types of content you can add: QuickTime movies or an iDVD slideshow. Adding QuickTime Movies to the DVD Most of the content that you place on a DVD will probably be in the form of QuickTime movies (whether you have saved them in the QuickTime or DV formats). As you learned in the previous chapters and will learn in later chapters of this book, there are many ways to create QuickTime movie content. Add QuickTime Movies to a DVD 1. Open the main menu or submenu to which you want to add a QuickTime movie. To open a