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iTunes: Burning Down the House 51 · iTunes compatibility. By default, iTunes comes with the plug-ins required to support a number of MP3 players, including some of the most popular models. If you are interested in using an MP3 player with iTunes, you should get one of the supported models. To see which models are supported by the current version of iTunes, visit the iTunes Web site at You can also open the following folder: iTunes for Mac OS X/Plug-ins/Device Plug-ins. In this directory, you will see a list of all the plug-ins for the supported MP3 players. If your MP3 player isn't listed, you can add support for it by adding its plug-in to this folder. · Memory. MP3 players come with a built-in amount of memory. The more memory a model has, the more music that you will be able to store and listen to. Typical models come with 64MB of memory or more, which is enough for about an hour or two of music, depending on the encoding method that you use. Most MP3 players also use some form of removable memory, such as CompactFlash media. Being able to use this type of memory is good because you can expand the amount of music that you can take with you by obtaining more memory cards. · Size and style. Most MP3 players are really small (the smallest are the Sony models, which are not much larger than a pen). They have a variety of shapes, colors, and so on. Although the style factors don't affect performance, the size and shape of the unit should definitely be a con- sideration. The whole idea is to carry the unit with you, so you want one that is comfortable for you. · Cost. The largest factor in the cost of an MP3 player is the amount of memory that it has. You can get capable MP3 players for around $150. Before paying much more than this, you should consider getting an Apple iPod (you'll learn more about the iPod later in this chapter). Moving Your Music to an MP3 Player To listen to music on an MP3 player, you download the music you want from iTunes to the player.