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Moving Your Digital Media into and out of the Digital Lifestyle Applications Importing Video Files into QuickTime Player Pro 211 You can use QuickTime Player to open many video file formats, including those listed in Table 9.3. Table 9.3. Video File Formats You Can Open in QuickTime Player Pro File Format Audio Video Interleave Digital Video Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 1 QuickTime Movie QuickTime Virtual Real- ity Abbreviation/File Name Extension AVI .avi DV .dv MPEG-1 .mpg QuickTime .mov QTVR .qtvr A format that simulates three-dimensional worlds by using a panorama of images in which the viewer can move around A video compression scheme that provides high quality video in relatively small file sizes QuickTime's native video format Where It Is Used A standard video format for Windows computers; for example, Microsoft's Media Player application usesAVI as its standard format In most applications that support digital video, such as iMovie Opening a video file is similar to opening an image or any other file. Open a Video File in QuickTime Player Pro 1. 2. Open QuickTime Player. Choose File, Open Movie in New Player or choose File, Import.