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Moving Your Digital Media into and out of the Digital Lifestyle Applications 213 quickly return to the most recent settings used for that format. There are other options for various formats as well. For example, when converting a movie to the AVI format, you can choose 2x CD- ROM, which configures the AVI movie to play with good quality on a machine capable of playing a CD at faster speeds (this configuration uses a relatively high frame rate, for example). Moving Audio Files into and out of QuickTime Player Pro Working with audio files in QuickTime Player Pro isn't much different from image or video files. Of course, when you use QuickTime Player for audio files, you don't see any video track. Importing Audio Files into QuickTime Player Pro QuickTime Player Pro enables you to open many audio file formats, including those listed in Table 9.5. Table 9.5. Audio File Formats You Can Open in QuickTime Player Pro File Format Audio Audio Interchange File Format Abbreviation/File Name Extension AU .au AIFF .aif .aiff Audio CD Audio CD .cdda Audio format for standard audio CDs Standard audio file format that is supported by most digital media applications; you will use this format frequently in your digital lifestyle projects Where It Is Used Audio file format for UNIX; also used widely in Java