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Moving Digital Data into and out of iMov... > Moving Files out of iMovie - Pg. 219

Moving Your Digital Media into and out of the Digital Lifestyle Applications File Format Graphics Interchange Format Joint Photographic Ex- perts Group Photoshop Picture Format Video Files DV Stream Audio Files Audio Interchange File Format Audio CD Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3 AIFF .aiff Audio CD .cdda MPEG-3 .mp3 DV Stream .dv Format required to import QuickTime movies into iMovie or iDVD Abbreviation/File Name Extension GIF .gif JPEG .jpg Photoshop .psd PICT .pct The bit-mapped graphics format standard on Macintoshes Where It Is Used 219 A graphics format originally developed by AOL for presenting images online; GIF files are widely used on the Internet for simple images, such as buttons and other graphic elements A compressed image file format that achieves excellent quality with substantially smaller files; JPEG is the standard image format for most digital cameras as well as most image applications, such as iPhoto Adobe's Photoshop is the standard for editing digital images on any platform Standard audio file format that is supported by most digital media applications; you will use this format frequently in your digital lifestyle projects Audio format for standard audio CDs (by recording from an audio CD using the Record tool) A revolutionary audio format that provides nearly audio CD quality in files that are about a tenth as large Importing a file of any of the types listed in Table 9.10 into iMovie requires the following steps.