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Mastering Your Digital Music with the iPod > Managing Your iPod Music - Pg. 53

iTunes: Burning Down the House NOTE 53 Another cool feature of the iPod is that its battery can be recharged through the FireWire port. This means that you can recharge your iPod just by connecting it to your Mac. Moving Your Music Collection to an iPod One of the great things about the iPod is that iTunes is designed to keep the iPod in synch with your music library. Add Your Music Collection to an iPod 1. Connect the iPod to your Mac using the supplied FireWire cable. Your Mac will recognize the iPod as a new source and iTunes will begin to download all of the music in your Library to the iPod (see Figure 2.20). During this process, the iTunes Information window will display the progress of the process, as well warning you not to unplug the iPod while the update is in process. As songs are downloaded, the refresh icon next to them disappears.