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Making Your QuickTime Preferences Known > Configuring the Music Tab - Pg. 12

QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen Configuring the QuickTime Plug-in Tab 12 This tab has three checkboxes and one button that affect how the QuickTime plug-in works. The "Play movies automatically" checkbox controls whether QuickTime movies automatically play in your Web browser. This should usually be checked. Check the "Save movies in disk cache" checkbox to have movies that you view on the Web get saved in your browser's disk cache. This is a useful option if you like to view a movie more than once during a single browsing session; sub- sequent viewings are much faster because the movie is read from your hard disk rather than being downloaded from the Web again. Most users should check this checkbox as well. The "Enable kiosk mode" checkbox hides some QuickTime Player commands so that movies being viewed can't be saved and other changes can't be made. This option is useful if others will be using your Mac to view movies, and you don't want them mucking around with your QuickTime settings or saving movies that they view. The MIME Settings button is used to configure the specific file formats that are played by the Quick- Time plug-in for different types of content. Click MIME Settings to open the MIME Settings dialog. Use the checkboxes to determine which file types are displayed by the QuickTime plug-in (see Figure 1.5).