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Making Your iTunes Preferences Known > Setting iTunes Effects Preferences - Pg. 36

iTunes: Burning Down the House NOTE 36 Apple maintains lots of good iTunes information on the Web; check it out at itunes. In addition to information, you can also download the latest updates to the applica- tion. Making Your iTunes Preferences Known You have everything you need to know in order to start using iTunes to master your music and to use the application for your digital lifestyle projects. However, it will be beneficial if you take a few moments to configure iTunes to suit your preferences. If you don't want to do this now, but prefer to get started using the application, skip to the section called " Making Music with iTunes ." You can always come back here when you are ready to fine-tune iTunes. Similar to other Mac OS X applications, you access iTunes preferences by choosing iTunes, Pref- erences (or press +Y ). The iTunes Preferences window contains five tabs (see Figure 2.7). The most important settings on each tab are explained in the following sections.