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Making Your iTunes Preferences Known > Setting iTunes Advanced Preferences - Pg. 40

iTunes: Burning Down the House Setting iTunes CD Burning Preferences 40 You can make a few adjustments to how iTunes creates CDs when you burn them by using the CD Burning tab (see Figure 2.11). At the top of the tab, you will see the CD burner that is recognized by your Mac (if you use an external burner, make sure that you have turned it on!). Figure 2.11. The drive that you use to burn CDs is shown on the CD Burning tab. Use the Burn Speed pop-up menu to select the speed at which you want to burn your CDs. Most of the time, Maximum is the right choice. However, if you have problems burning CDs (especially if you use an external burner), you can set a lower burn speed to see if that solves your problem. Use the Disc Format radio buttons to choose the type of CDs you will burn. Audio CDs are those that can be played in any CD player, while MP3 CDs require a player capable of playing MP3 files.