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Making Your iTools Preferences Known > Configure Your iTools Account in Mac OS ... - Pg. 164

iTools: Maybe the Only Internet Tool You Ever Need NOTE 164 In case you are wondering, my Member Name is bradmacosx. So you can send email to me at <>. You can also visit my Web site at bradmacosx. I have also created a Web site for this book at cosx/osx_dig_lif. You will need to create a password and password hint question for your account. You must enter your password when you sign on to the HomePage tools to create or manage your Web site; for other iTools services, you can have Mac OS X enter your password for you. Your password has to be between six and eight characters long, and you can use special characters if you want to. The password hint question enables you to identify yourself if you forget your password (and if you have a memory as poor as mine is, you will!). Try to use a question that you can answer only one way, such as your birth city or your mother's maiden name. After you have successfully created an account, you will see a page that provides your Member Name, Password, Email address, and Email server information. You should print this page so that you will have the information if you need to retrieve it at a later time. TIP You can also save your iTools account information page by using your browser's Save As command. In Internet Explorer, use the Web Archive option to retain the page's formatting. In Internet Explorer, you can also save the page to the Scrapbook. Making Your iTools Preferences Known After you have created your iTools account, you should configure it in Mac OS X so that you can access your iTools email and your iDisk without having to log in to your iTools account on the iTools