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Making the DVD Look Marvelous > Designing the DVD's Buttons - Pg. 156

iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac 156 · If a menu's buttons will contain motion, it is often better to use a relatively plain image as the background. Otherwise, the motion of each button and the background can be chaotic. Designing the DVD's Buttons You can also design how each button on each menu looks and sounds. Remember that there are three types of buttons available in iDVD. A button can represent a folder (a submenu), a movie, or a slideshow. Designing buttons is quite similar to designing menus, but how you design a button also depends on what kind of button you are working with. First, design the general style for all of the buttons on a menu; then configure each button individ- ually. Design the Buttons on a Menu 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open the menu containing the buttons you want to design. Open the drawer and click the Customize tab. Use the pop-up menu in the Button area to select the shape of the buttons. If you choose From Theme, the shape will be based on the default theme that was most recently applied to the menu. Otherwise, the shape you choose on the pop-up menu will be applied to each button. If you want to locate each button on the screen, click the Free Position radio button. If you want the buttons to be organized according to iDVD's grid, click the Snap to Grid radio button. Choose the title position for each button on the Button Position pop-up menu. If you choose Text Only on the Button Position pop-up menu, buttons will contain only TIP