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Making the DVD Look Marvelous > Creating Themes for DVD Menus - Pg. 152

iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac 152 Making the DVD Look Marvelous Now that you have filled the DVD with great content, you can finish the package by changing the appearance of the menus and buttons. You can also add motion to menus and buttons to really "wow" your audience. Creating Themes for DVD Menus A theme determines what a menu looks like onscreen. A theme includes two elements: a back- ground and an audio track. The background can be as simple as a static image, or it can be a video clip (which plays when Motion effects are on). The audio track (which is optional) can be an MP3, AIFF, or other audio file. On the simple end, a theme consists of a static image with no sound. On the complex end, a theme consists of a video clip and separate soundtrack. You'll need to apply a theme for each menu on your DVD. When you apply a theme for a menu, you have two options: use one of iDVD's default themes or create your own theme. And, you can apply a different theme to each menu or use the same theme for all the menus in your project. As you design and lay out your menus, it is a good idea to keep the viewing platform in mind. If you intend to view the DVD on a television, you should work in what iDVD calls the TV Safe area (if you intended to view the DVD only on a Mac, you don't have to worry about this area because your Mac will display the entire contents of the iDVD window without cutting any of it off ). This area is what is certain to appear on any TV on which you view the DVD. If objects are outside of this area, they might or might not be shown completely on the screen. To see the TV Safe Area, choose Advanced, Show TV Safe Area (or press +T). A red box will appear in the iDVD window; inside this box is the TV Safe area. Keep everything that you want to be displayed on the television screen inside this box.