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Making Music with iTunes > Listening to Internet Audio - Pg. 42

iTunes: Burning Down the House 42 Figure 2.13. The audio CD Glory is selected as the source so its contents appear in the Content pane. 2. Click the Play button and use the other playback controls to control the music. Here are some additional notes related to playing audio CDs (most of these notes apply to other sources as well): · If you have configured iTunes to play CDs when you insert them, you won't need to click the play button. · You can play a track by double-clicking it. · The track that is currently playing is marked with a speaker icon in the Content pane. You can jump to the current song by choosing Edit, Show Current Song ( +L). · If you uncheck the checkbox next to a track's title, it will be skipped. · You can change the order in which tracks will play by dragging them up and down in the window; iTunes remembers this order, and the next time you insert the CD, the same order will be used. NOTE When iTunes obtains song information for a CD that you are playing, that information is limited to iTunes itself. If you view the audio CD in a Finder window, the tracks will be named with the ubiquitous "Track 01.cdda," "Track 02.cdda," and so on. If you click the Maximize button (the green one), the iTunes window will shrink down so that only the playback controls and information window are shown (see Figure 2.14). You can use the Resize handle to reduce the size of the window even further until only the playback and volume controls are shown. Click the Maximize button again to restore the iTunes window to its full size. Figure 2.14. When you want to conserve screen space, you can shrink the iTunes window. Of course, in the full-size mode, you can manually resize the window by dragging its resize handle. Making it larger will display more information. Making it smaller will display less; the window has a minimum size that is quite a bit larger than the reduced size you get with the Maximize button. Listening to Internet Audio You can use iTunes to listen to various Internet radio broadcasts. To do so, use the following steps.