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iTuning Your Music Experience > The iTunes Source Pane - Pg. 32

iTunes: Burning Down the House Menu Visuals Visuals Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Command Large Full Screen Open Stream Convert to MP3 Export Song List Get CD Track Names KeyboardShort- cut None +F +U None None None What it Does Displays the visuals at the largest size. Makes the visuals fill the screen. Enables you to enter a URL for an Internet audio stream to play in iTunes. Enables you to select files to convert to MP3. 32 Exports a text file containing a listing of all the songs in the selected source. Connects to the Internet to download information about the audio CD shown in the Source pane. (If you configure iTunes to do this auto- matically, you'll never need to use this command.) Enables you to upload information about a CD in the event you have a CD that can't be located in the CDDB online database. Shows the iTunes window. Shows the Equalizer window. Advanced Window Window Submit CD Track Names iTunes EQUALIZER None +1 +2 TIP You can also use the Apple Pro Keyboard's media keys (located above the numeric keypad) to decrease the volume, increase the volume, mute the sound, or eject a CD. Note that when you use the keyboard to change the volume, you are changing your Mac's system volume, not the volume of iTunes relative to the system volume, which is what you change when you use iTunes Volume slider, menu commands, or keyboard shortcuts to change the volume.