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iTuning Your Music Experience > The iTunes Content Pane - Pg. 33

iTunes: Burning Down the House Table 2.4 lists some of the more common sources with which you will work. Table 2.4. iTunes Sources Source Library Radio Tuner CD MP3 Player Playlist What it Is 33 Contains all of the songs that you have encoded in MP3 or have added to it via the Add to Library command. The Library contains all of the music that you manage with iTunes. Lists Internet radio stations that you can listen to using iTunes. Enables you to view or listen to the contents of an audio CD. Enables you to view and manage the contents of an MP3 player. Enables you to listen to or change the contents of one of your playlists. The iTunes Content Pane When you select a source in the Source pane, you will see its contents in the Content pane, which is located on the right side of the iTunes window (see Figure 2.5). You use the Content pane to browse a source as well as to work with it. For example, when you select an audio CD as a source, you will see its songs in the source pane. You can choose songs to import, play songs, and so on. You will learn how to work with the Content pane in its various modes in later sections of this chapter.