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iTunes: Burning Down the House WAV files have the file extension .wav. iTunes for the First, but Definitely Not the Last, Time 28 The first time that you launch iTunes, you move into the iTunes Setup Assistant that does some basic configuration for you. For example, you determine if iTunes should connect automatically to the Internet when you insert a CD to download information about that CD. If you have already used the Assistant, you can skip the remaining material in this sidebar (you'll learn how to configure iTunes manually a little later in this chapter). If not, launch iTunes (for example, by clicking its icon on the Dock) and choose the following Setup As- sistant options: · Internet Playback. You should choose to have iTunes used when you play MP3 music on the Internet. · Internet Access. When you insert an audio CD into your Mac, iTunes can connect to the Internet and look up information about that CD for you. This information includes album title, artist, and so on. You should allow this if possible. · Find MP3 Files. iTunes can search your Mac for any MP3 music that is already stored there. You should allow this so that any MP music you already have on your Mac will be brought into iTunes (you can delete it later if you no longer want it). iTuning Your Music Experience The iTunes window might look a bit complicated initially, but as you work with the application, you will get comfortable with it quite quickly. The iTunes window has three major areas: the Controls area, the Source pane, and the Content pane (see Figure 2.1).