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iTunes: Burning Down the House Control Action button What it Does 30 This button changes depending on the mode in which you are operating. In the Audio CD mode, this button will be Import, which enables you to create MP3 files. In the Library mode, this is the Browse button, which opens or closes the Browse pane. In the Internet Radio mode, this is the Refresh button, which updates the list of available radio stations. In the MP3 Playlist mode, this is the Burn CD button, which enables you to burn a CD. You use this button to create new playlists. This causes the songs in the selected source to play in random order. Click this once to cause the current song to play through and then repeat one time. Click this twice to repeat every song in the selected source. This opens the Equalizer window (you'll learn about this in the section called " The iTunes Equalizer " a bit later in this chapter). The iTunes window can play visual effects on the screen while the selected music plays. You click the Visuals button to turn on the effects and click it again to turn them off. You can use the commands on the Visuals menu to control the size of the visuals, including making them large enough so that they fill the screen (click the mouse button to return to the iTunes window). You can also add more visuals to those that come with iTunes (but since that won't help you with your digital lifestyle projects, this is beyond the scope of this chapter). This ejects a selected CD. Drag this to resize the iTunes window. Create play- list Shuffle Repeat Equalizer Visuals Eject Resize han- dle The Information window offers information (as if you couldn't guess that) along with controls that you can use. What you see in this window also depends on the mode in which you are operating. For example, Figure 2.3 shows iTunes while it is creating MP3 versions of the songs on an audio CD. Figure 2.3. In this mode, the Information window provides information about and control over the MP3 creation process. In other modes, the Information window shows the song currently being played, including both album name and elapsed or remaining time. If you click the Mode Change button, the information shown in the window will change. For example, when you click the button once, the information will be replaced by a graph that displays the relative volume levels of sounds at various frequencies for the left and