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iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album TIP 66 Remember to use the Display Size slider in each mode. For example, when you are editing an image, you can make the image appear larger so that you can make more refined se- lections. In the Book mode, use the slider to change the size at which the pages you work with appear in the Content pane. After you create a book, you can print it or you can order a professionally printed book from Apple by using the Share mode. Share The Share mode enables you to output your images in a number of ways. The Share Tool pane contains the tools shown in Figure 3.9 and explained in the following list: Figure 3.9. In the Share mode, you can choose the way in which you want to share your images. · Print. I bet you can guess what this tool does. Yep, it enables you to print your images. You can configure a number of options for the prints, such as the style (Contact Sheet, Full Page, Greeting Card, or Standard Prints) and the size of the margins. · Slide Show. When you click this button, you can show the images in the selected album in a slideshow. You can choose the music that you want to accompany the images, and you can choose the time for which the images are displayed. · Order Prints. You can use this tool to order prints from the Kodak Print Service through Apple's 1-Click service. Select the images for which you want to buy prints, click the Share mode button, and then click Order Prints. You will move to the 1-Click setup screen. After your account is set up, you can choose the number and sizes of prints you want to order. This tool makes it quite easy to get professional-quality prints of your photos delivered to you or other people. · Order Book. This tool is similar to the Order Prints function except you get books printed instead of individual photos.