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iPhoto Modes and Tools > Edit - Pg. 62

iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album 62 When in the Organize mode, the Tool pane contains tools that enable you to assign keywords to images and to find images based on those keywords (see Figure 3.6). Figure 3.6. In the Organize mode, you can view the contents of albums selected in the Source pane of your Photo Library; you can also search for specific images. The Organize tool pane has two modes; the mode you are in is determined by the Mode switch setting. When the switch is in the Assign position, you can assign keywords to images (you'll learn how to create and assign keywords to images later in this chapter). When the switch is in the Search po- sition, only the photos with which the highlighted keywords are associated will be shown in the Content pane. At the far right of the Tool pane, you see the Show checkboxes. When a Show checkbox is checked, the checkbox's label is shown next to the images in the Content pane. For example, in Figure 3.6, you can see that the Titles and Keywords checkboxes are checked and those labels are shown next to the images in the Content pane. NOTE In Figure 3.6, you might notice that the images are titled by a sequential number by "roll." iPhoto uses the term "roll" to refer to an import session (the term session might have been a better choice). Like developing a roll of file, when you import images, you do so in chunks, which iPhoto calls rolls. By default, iPhoto names an image by roll number + sequential number. You can change an image's title to be anything you want. Edit You can use iPhoto's Edit mode to make changes to your images. While iPhoto is not a full-featured image editing application such as Adobe Photoshop, its tools enable you to make the changes that most people want to make to their images.