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iPhoto Modes and Tools > Book - Pg. 64

iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album Option 5 × 7 Portrait 8 × 10 Portrait Square What It Does Intended for images that you will use at 5 × 7 inches in the portrait orientation Intended for images that you will use at 8 × 10 inches in the portrait orientation Maintains a square selection area 64 · Crop. Use this tool to remove any of the image that is outside of the selected area. This helps you get rid of wasted space or parts of the image that you don't want to see. · Red-Eye. Use this tool to remove the red from eyes that is often seen when people or animals are looking directly at the camera when the flash goes off. To use this tool, select an area around the eyes that has that certain demon-eyed appearance. When you click the Red-Eye button, the red will be removed from the selected area. Keep your selection to a small area of the image, because the application doesn't really know what is an eye and what is not; it looks for and removes red, whether it is in an eye or elsewhere. · Black & White. The button converts the image you are editing into black and white. · Previous/Next. These buttons take you to the previous or next image in the selected album. TIP You can rotate images in any mode. Select the images you want to rotate and then click the Rotate button that is always available just below the Source pane. You can also select images and choose Edit, Rotate, Counter Clockwise (press +R) or Edit, Rotate, Clock- wise (press Shift+ +R). A nice feature of iPhoto is that it maintains the original version of images that you edit so that you can return to the "pristine" version of the photo at any time. When you do this, you lose any changes you have made to the image, but at least you can recover from your "improvements." To return to the original version of a photo that you have edited, select that image and then choose File, Revert