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Mac OS X and the Digital Lifestyle > Mac OS X and the Digital Lifestyle - Pg. xviii

Introduction xviii This part consists of seven chapters with each chapter dedicated to a single component of the digital lifestyle toolbox. Each of these chapters provides you with an in-depth understanding about a spe- cific digital lifestyle tool, including QuickTime, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iTools, and digital hard- ware. Because these chapters are packed with information, they are longer than the rest of the chapters in the book. Pick a tool, then pick a chapter, and dig in. There is plenty of information to help you handle these tools like a pro. Part II : Building Digital Lifestyle Projects In Part II, you'll start to understand how truly amazing (and fun!) the digital lifestyle is. In this part, there are eight chapters that are each dedicated to a specific type of project. These projects are designed to help you understand how to make the digital lifestyle tools work together to unleash their power. For example, in Chapter 8, you'll learn how to extract video and sound clips from any QuickTime movie to use in your projects (and with the enormous amount of QuickTime material available, this opens up a world of great content for you). As another example, in Chapter 14, you'll learn how to use iTunes and iMovie together to create your own soundtrack audio CD. Part III : Displaying Your Digital Masterpieces In Part III, the focus of the book moves to sharing what you have created with the world. Each of the five chapters in this part is devoted to using a different media to share your digital lifestyle with others. The methods you'll learn include videotape, CD, DVD, and the Web. The last chapter even explains how you can organize and maintain all the great content you create. Special Features of this Book To make this book more effective in helping you make the most of the digital lifestyle, it contains several special features. Because this book is more about doing rather than just reading , it contains many step-by-step in-