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Introduction > Mac OS X and the Digital Lifestyle - Pg. xvii

Introduction xvii Figure Figure IN.6. Got Web? With the iTools HomePage service, you definitely do. The Digital Lifestyle and You: So Happy Together Each of the digital lifestyle applications is totally cool and amazing in its own right. But the true power of the digital lifestyle comes when you realize that these tools work together just as well as they work individually. Want to use some music from your iTunes Library on your latest DVD creation? No problem. Want to add that great picture you just took to the iMovie you created last week? That will take you all of a minute to do (if that long). Want to capture an image from a QuickTime trailer from your favorite Hollywood blockbuster and put it on your desktop? No problemo. And on it goes. There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you understand how to use each digital lifestyle application individually and, to an even greater extent, how to make them work together. That is where this book comes in. Mac OS X and the Digital Lifestyle The genesis of this book came when I realized that while there is information on the various digital lifestyle tools, there isn't much to help someone put all the pieces together in a meaningful, practical, and fun way. And, when it comes to the digital lifestyle, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts. This book will help you understand each part and how to put these parts together to form a complete digital life. To facilitate the stages of your own digital lifestyle, this book is organized into three distinct parts. Part I : Exploring the Digital Lifestyle Tools