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Importing MP3 Files > Add MP3 Music to a Movie - Pg. 130

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 130 Figure 4.27. The hueys.aif sound has been imported into this movie. 3. Use the audio editing techniques you learn in this chapter to make changes to the sound, such as cropping it, changing its location, setting its relative volume, and so on. TIP You can change the track on which audio tracks appear by dragging from one track to the other. Making Your Movie Sing with Music Music is one of the best things that you can add to a movie (just imagine Star Wars without its music, and you'll understand instantly the value of adding music to a movie). There are two ways that you can add music to an iMovie project: you can import an MP3 file that you have created in iMovie, or you can record music directly from an audio CD. Importing MP3 Files You can import MP3 music files that you have created with iTunes to be a music soundtrack for your movie. The steps to do this are quite similar to importing an AIFF sound effect that you have created. Add MP3 Music to a Movie 1. 2. 3. 4. Move the Playhead to the point in the movie at which you want the music to begin playing (you can always adjust this later). Press +I to open the Import File dialog. Move the MP3 file that you want to import (by default, MP3 files that you used iTunes to create are located in the following directory: Home/Documents/iTunes/iTunes Music). Select the MP3 file you want to include in your movie and click Import. The music will be placed on the Audio 2 track (see Figure 4.28). The music is represented by a purple bar that has a crop marker on each end. (Use the Magnification pop-up menu to decrease the amount of magnification if you can't see the entire bar.)