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iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software Changing the Relative Volumes of Native Sound 125 Because the clips in your video clip probably came from different sources or were recorded under different conditions, the sound level from one clip to the next might vary quite a bit. Although some variation is natural (you expect the roar of a jet plane to be louder than a cat walking across the road), too much variation (or the wrong variation, such as if the cat is louder than the airplane) can be annoying or distracting. You can use the Relative Volume slider to set the relative sound levels of the various sound clips that make up the Native track. Set the Relative Volume Level of the Native Sound in a Movie 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. On the Native track (the top track on the Timeline Viewer), select a clip that should be at the "average" volume level of your movie; after you do, the clip's bar on the track becomes high- lighted in yellow to show that it is selected. Move the Relative Volume slider toward the middle of its range. This sets the volume level of the selected clip at an "average" level. Now move through each clip in the movie and use the Relative Volume slider to set its volume relative to your "average" sound level. Select the first clip in your movie that has native sound (assuming that your first clip isn't also your average clip, of course). If you want the sound of the selected clip to be louder than the sound level of your "average" clip, drag the Relative Volume slider to the right of the position that you set as the average volume level; if you want it to be quieter, move the slider to the left. Or, if you want it to be about the same, place the slider in about the same position as it is for the average clip. Continue this process with all the clips that have native sound. Preview your movie to hear the results of your work. Hopefully, all the sound makes sense. Loud sounds should be loud while quiet sounds should be quiet. If not, continue with the pre-