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Extracting the Tracks You Need > Extract Tracks from a QuickTime Source File - Pg. 203

Extracting Video and Audio Elements of Any QuickTime Movie for Your Digital 203 Lifestyle Projects 2. Make a working copy of the file by choosing File, Save As. You will see the Save dialog. 3. Give the file that you will edit a new name. Use a name that will help you identify what the file is when you reuse it. In this example, I used the name 4. Choose a location in which you want to save the file. 5. Click the "Make movie self-contained" radio button and click Save. You will have a copy of the source file that you can hack. The file will be opened in a QuickTime Player window. 6. Play the file and identify the segment that you want to keep. 7. Drag the crop markers so that they contain that segment. 8. Choose Movie, Play Selection Only (or press +T). This causes QuickTime Player to play only the portion of the movie that is between the crop markers. 9. Play the movie. You will hear the part that is selected. 10. Continue playing the clip and adjusting the crop markers until the sound is exactly what you want (see Figure 8.13). Figure 8.13. Here, I have selected a single cymbal crash. 11. Choose Edit, Trim. Everything outside of the crop markers will be removed. 12. Save the movie. You now have a source file containing only the sound that you want to use in