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Creating Soundtracks for Digital Lifestyle Projects 227 If you have imported a video track to use to time the sound effects, you can use that track to ensure that sounds play at the right time and that the soundtrack is the right total length for your project. If you aren't using a video track as a timing tool, you will have to keep a close eye on the timecode information for your movie. You can select a sound clip and view its information at the top of the Timeline Viewer to see when that sound starts and stops (see Figure 10.5). You can also use the movie's timecode information to monitor the total length of your soundtrack. Figure 10.5. If you don't have a video track that you can use to time your soundtrack, you have to pay close attention to the time informa tion provided in the Timeline Viewer. Continue mixing your soundtrack until it matches the plan you have for your project. Preparing the Soundtrack After you have developed the soundtrack in iMovie, you will need to prepare it for the project in which you will be using it. First export the soundtrack as a QuickTime movie. Then convert it into the format you need for your project.