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Exporting QuickTime Tracks for Other App... > Convert a File's Format - Pg. 205

Extracting Video and Audio Elements of Any QuickTime Movie for Your Digital Lifestyle Projects Export Option Sound to AIFF Resulting File For- mat AIFF file What You Get Sound file 205 Where You Can Use the Content iDVD iMovie iTunes System alert sound TIP The export options listed in Table 8.2 are those that you are most likely to use with Mac OS X digital lifestyle applications. However, there are some other really useful options that aren't listed. For example, you can use the Movie to AVI file to export .avi versions of your QuickTime movies that can be played with Windows Media Player, which is part of all standard Windows installations. Another example is the Sound to Wave option that enables you to create WAV sound files. Exporting content in different file formats is not much of a challenge. You simply export the file in the format that you need. Suppose that I want to use the cymbal WAV file that I prepared earlier in the chapter as a system alert sound. From Table 8.2, you can see that alert sounds are in the AIFF format. A couple of quick steps will produce the file in that format so I can install it and use it as my alert sound. Convert a File's Format 1. 2. Open the QuickTime movie version of the sound file. Choose File, Export. You will see the Save export file as dialog.