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Exporting Photos as Files > Export Images as Individual Files - Pg. 86

iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album 86 Figure 3.22. I published these images on a Web page in about 1 minute. TIP If you publish your photos via HomePage, make sure that you have meaningful titles for your images. Otherwise, you get titles like those in Figure 3.22. Exporting Images There are a number of ways that you can export images from iPhoto for different purposes. You can export images as separate files so that you can work with them in other applications or to send those files to other people. Or you can export a set of images as a Web site. Another option is to export a set of images as a QuickTime movie. Exporting Photos as Files If you want to use iPhoto photos in other applications, such as iMovie, you need to export those images as individual files. Export Images as Individual Files 1. 2. Select the images that you want to export as files, such as by selecting an album. Click the Share mode button and then click Export (or choose File, Export). You will see the Export Images dialog (see Figure 3.23).