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Putting Your Projects on CD 300 Figure 17.9. Setting audio settings isn't as complex as setting video settings is. Click OK to close the Expert QuickTime Settings dialog. Click Export. In the Export QuickTime Movie dialog, choose a location in which to save the movie, name it (leave the .mov file name extension), and click Save. You will see a progress bar that provides you with an estimate of how long the process will take. 10. Use the techniques provided in the section called "Preparing QuickTime Content for CD" earlier in this chapter to finish preparing the QuickTime movie you exported from iMovie for CD. The compressors and other options that are available to you in the Expert QuickTime Settings dialog are fairly complex and are beyond the scope of this book. Most of the time, one of the predefined formats will be what you end up using anyway. However, you should experiment with some of the expert settings if you really want to fine-tune your movies. A good way to start experimenting is by selecting each of the predefined formats. When you do, the settings used by the format will appear below the Formats popup menu. Use this information to learn how the default settings are configured. Then you can explore what effect these settings have by making changes to them in the Expert settings dialog. Frankly, configuring compressors, frame 7. 8. 9.