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Putting Your Projects on CD 299 Figure 17.7. Using the Expert QuickTime Settings dialog, you can custom configure the settings used to export a movie from iMovie in the QuickTime format. 5. Use the controls in the Image Settings area to configure the image track of your movie. To set the image size, enter values in the Width and Height boxes. Check the "4:3" checkbox to keep the image in the 4:3 proportion. Click the Settings button to open the Compression Settings dialog (see Figure 17.8). Use the Compressor pop-up menus to choose the compressor used and the color depth that should be maintained (Best Depth is usually the appropriate choice). Use the Quality slider to set the image quality that is maintained when the images are com- pressed. Use the Motion controls to configure frame rate, key frames, and a data limit if appli- cable. Click OK to close the Compression Settings dialog.