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Editing Your Images > Edit an Image - Pg. 77

iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album TIP 77 A quick way to select all the images shown in the Content pane is to choose Edit, Select All, or press +A. Following are some album tidbits: · Placing images in an album does not remove them from the Photo Library; the Photo Library always contains all of the images that you have imported into iPhoto (unless you have deleted some images from the Library). When you drag an image onto an album, a pointer from the original image to the album is created. · You can create an album by dragging images from the Photo Library or from other albums onto the Source pane. An album called Album-# will be created. You can edit the album name by selecting it, and when it is highlighted, change the name to what you want it to be. · You can place the same image in as many albums as you'd like. · When you select an album, you can select and then drag the images around in the Content pane to change their order. The order in which images appear in an album does affect projects that you create from that album. For example, if you create a book, the images will appear in the book in the same order in which they appear in the album. · To remove an image from an album, select it and press Delete. The image will be removed from the album, but not from the Photo Library. · Changes that you make to an image in an album, such as associating keywords with it or rotating it, do affect the image in all its locations, including in the Photo Library. Editing Your Images