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Editing Clips > Edit a Clip - Pg. 112

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software NOTE 112 Even if you edit your clips before you place them in your movie, you should expect to have to do some minor editing on some clips after you build your movie. However, you can get clips very close to their final condition before you even place them in a movie. Edit a Clip 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Click the clip on the Shelf that you want to edit to select it; the clip appears in the Monitor. Preview the clip and locate a part of the clip that should be removed. Drag the Playhead to the point at which you want to start removing frames from the clip. Move the pointer between the underside of the Scrubber Bar and the Monitor's playback con- trols, and click and hold the mouse button down; two Crop Markers will appear. Continue holding the mouse button down and drag to the right. When you do, the Start Crop Marker's location becomes fixed at the point at which you clicked the mouse button. Drag to the right to move the End Crop Marker to select a series of frames. As you drag the End Crop Marker, you can see the frames that you are selecting in the Monitor. The area of the clip that you have selected is indicated by the gold-colored portion of the Scrubber bar (see Figure 4.19). When you release the Crop Markers, the Playhead jumps to the End Crop Marker.